#StorytimeSaturday Arrival

Hey guys!

This is the first post of my new series Storytime Saturday where I bring back a story from my past and share it. Seeing as I did not keep up with blogging while I was in Korea, I decided that this would be the perfect platform to talk about my experiences abroad.

For my Korea trip recaps, I’ll relay my stories through excerpts from my daily journal entries. Enjoy!

Day 1:

The plane rides went as well as they could and I soon found myself at Incheon airport after a 30 hour trip across the planet. My heart was racing and, honestly, I looked like a hot mess because my makeup didn’t hold up for the last 12-hour leg of my flight from Qatar to Korea.

I walked as fast as I could with health and customs forms in my hand. The first barrier was health; everyone from my flight was herded into a narrow hallway where their health forms were handed over and their temperature was checked. I hurriedly handed over my form and got my temperature taken: 40C. For my Westerners, 40 degrees Celsius is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, your girl had a SCALDING FEVER! I was asked to step aside and wait as the rest of the passengers went ahead.

WAIT?! I had waited 6 years for this moment, already! To say I was a nervous wreck would’ve been beyond an understatement. Phone clutched in my hands, I texted back and forth senselessly with my pen pal that was waiting for me at the flight gate to make sure we would meet at the right spot ASAP. I waited…and waited. My temperature was checked 5 or 6 more times — still too high. The worker told me that she would check one more time and if my fever persisted we would go “out.” Out? Out where?! To the hospital? Am I not allowed in the country with a fever? The nerves were hitting hard and I put up my hair to relieve myself from what felt like the most raging hot-flash on earth.

Finally, the crowd of passengers was all checked through and I was the only one who was left to the side. For the last time, my temperature was checked and it had decreased. I was free to go…but wait, where did everyone else go? Since I was detached from the crowd, I didn’t see where I was supposed to go after the health checkpoint. Scrambling, I followed what was left of the Qatar Airways staff onto a subway-like shuttle that took me to baggage claim. I got my bags and followed the herd to Gate D where I’d finally meet my pen pal.

Quickly, I busted through the gate with a mob of other flyers and saw him with his head down and eyes fixed on his phone waiting for my text. Clad in a white button down and navy slacks, he looked downright handsome. After some awkward high-pitched screams and hugs, we dodged the crowd to make our way to the bus stop — freaking out all the while. He handed me a cake box and took my luggage before we boarded the bus bound for Suwon. Only 29 days left.

Come back next Saturday for more!

xx Nicole


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