#StorytimeSaturday Inwang and Minsokchon

Day 3:

Inwang Mountain today! Let me tell you, the climbing was a b*tch, but that view made it all worth it. Of course, trekking it with someone I love made it that much more enjoyable.

On our way back down, he left his phone in a restroom and we didn’t realize until we were lost and needed directions…with no way of getting directions back to where we came from! In the end, he got his phone and we were able to ship off to the city. While making our way to the next destination, we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Cold buckwheat noodle soup and katsudon were on the menu!

At Nine Gardens, the two of us were guided by a sweet garden worker who taught us all about the garden’s plants including herbs, flowers, and trees. She was basically a nice old mom who loves plants. After everything she said, she would wait for me to receive the translation (so nice!). We walked through trails, smelled some trees, and made elephant noises with leaves.

Day 4:

Today we went to Minsokchon (한국 촌). Minsokchon is a sort of living museum that is essentially a mashup of an ancient Korean village, live recreations of ancient ceremonies, and a theme park complete with rides and festival food.

It was such a blast! We spent all day walking around the different “parks,” watching performances, and eating. Hoon’s mom made us tuna and spam kimbap to bring for lunch. After that was GONE, we bought traditional Korean snacks like puffed rice, glutinous rice cakes (tteok/떡), and rice wine (bad idea).

Some of the exhibits we saw there included ancient Korean games/playground activities, a traditional ancient wedding ceremony, and an ancient music/dance performance.

We even got to meet a kisaeng, the king, and the town fool!

We closed the day by heading home for some samgyeopsal with eomeoni. It was so good! She fed me, so I was basically inducted into the family. Afterwards, we went to the pharmacy to pick up some cold medicine for me…yeah, it seems like I picked up a cold judging by my runny nose and sore throat. Needless to say, I passed the f out that night.

Tune in next week for a look at Suwon Hwanseong Fotress, the famous JinMi Chicken (one of Korea’s many friend chicken establishments), and Myeongdong shopping!

xx Nicole

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