#StorytimeSaturday Hwanseong Fortress and Woncheon Lake

Day 5:

Curry for breakfast made by eomeoni! She cut us up some fruits, brewed some tea, and even drove us to Suwon Hwanseong Fortress. Here, we took a mini dragon train (DRAGON TRAIN!!) around the property and got a tour of the fortress walls and buildings.

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After the train, we got archery lessons and shot some arrows! I nicked my arm with the bowstring, but it turned out to be okay. We walked along the fortress’s path and spent some time sitting in lookout buildings; the views were amazing!

Honestly, we could’ve stayed here all day overlooking the landscape in silence. However, our stomachs protested that option. We had lunch at JunMi Chicken where we ordered half fried and half spicy chicken.  AMAZING. For those who aren’t in the know: South Korea is home to hundreds of freestanding fried chicken restaurants. While KFC exists there, the local fried chicken restaurants got the American chain BEAT.

We got to sit in the upstairs at a floor table near the window. Then, we cut through Nam Moon market and made our way to Woncheon Lake to walk along the boardwalk.

It was mad hot! Luckily, there’s a shallow swimming/sprinkler area for kids near the boardwalk. We took off our shoes and strolled in the water to cool off – dodging the kids’ splashes as we went.

When our walk was over, we went to Suwon Station to grab some bingsu and o m g….I loved it!

Still full from dinner, we killed time at a nearby cat cafe! The kitties were noticeably tired and sluggish, but they still hovered near us for treats. We each bought a drink from the cafe in addition to the treats out of courtesy.

After, we were still full from lunch and cafe foods; a pairing of cheese baguette and milk was “dinner.” This day had us beat! We slapped on a couple of sheet masks and called it a night.

Stay tuned for next week’s post: Myeongdong shopping and Namsan Tower (Seoul’s largest observation tower located on Namsan Mountain)!

xx Nicole

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