#StorytimeSaturday Trick Eye Museum and Itaewon Freedom

Day 7:

Today’s the day for shopping at Gentle Monster and eating at Donut Guys! We got up and headed to Hongdae to drop off our bags and begin shopping the streets of Hongdae. For breakfast, we had cakes at Snob.


I ordered a citron cake and he got the earl grey cake. The citron cake was sooo lemony and fresh! We sat near the balcony and the view was divine.

Next on the list was the Trick Eye Museum: This museum is completely comprised of sculptures, paintings, and floor art that are meant to be posed with to create optical illusions!

Our shots came out way too hilarious – here’s a couple winners!

After, we went to Gentle Monster. Their displays were incredible — very grungy and industrial while remaining minimalistic and modern.

I ended up purchasing the Abscente sunglasses in black. The service was absolutely impeccable! After choosing the glasses and color, the worker takes down the glasses’ information and gives you a buzzer as you wait for your glasses to be picked out, inspected, and bent for the perfect fit. When the buzzer goes off, it’s your turn to try on the glasses and assure that they fit and look right – then, you buy!

(Later on, we found a dupe for my sunglasses at a sunglasses img_9562stand so we could match!)


We got fresh breads from Humming Bella for “lunch” along with some convenience store milks.




We continued shopping until the night drew in. For dinner, we stopped at a Japanese restaurant for some udon. I ordered the niku udon and loved it!



Donut Guys. We walked up and down about every side street in Hongdae to find this place. As it turned out, Donut Guys is no more. So, we got crêpes in its place!

We tried out a bar that a friend recommended and I got the junebug melon drink which tasted JUST like honeydew melon! DELICIOUS!


Day 8:

Itaewon today! We woke up (in Hongdae) and wanted to get some last minute shopping in before traveling to Itaewon. We were up so bright and early that no shops or restaurants were even open yet…

So, what’s the best option for breakfast at a time like this? Krispy Kreme donuts. That’s right: donuts for breakfast! I had a wafflenut (two krispy kreme originals pressed in a waffle iron with butterscotch, glaze, and nuts in between) IT WAS SO SWEET. He got a cereal donut; we got cafe dolce, banana, and caramel macchiato milks to pair with them and they made for a heavenly combo!


We waited for Too Cool For School to open so I could buy some lip tints; in the meantime, we visited a beautiful girls college not too far away.

I got my shopping in, and we were off to Itaewon!

For lunch, we stopped at a hot pot restaurant for some spicy sausage ramyun. We continued on our way to visit some museums and the weather was deadly hot. First, we went to a military museum. It was pretty nice, but we still had a ways to go before we reached our main destination. Luckily, we got transported to the national museum; it was big and beautiful like Ponyo’s mom.

I got in trouble for laying down in the “lounging” area in the museum…unbelievable! Good thing we found a nook slightly hidden from the security guards’ eyes. Anyways, we had fun and zipped through the exhibits quickly.

Glamorous Penguin was the next stop. We had an afternoon snack consisting of cake!

Afterwards, we scoped around Itaewon for a while and picked up some churros along the way. For dinner, we got dishes to go from a Chinese restaurant that made all of their noodles by hand. I would’ve taken a picture had I not spilled jjajangmyun on my shorts and shirt!

We went back out to find Taco Bell…but we were way too full to delve into some Cheesy Gordita Crunches. We went back to our guest house to nap with the intent of waking up late for late-night tacos….yeah, needless to say we were not motivated enough at midnight to get out of bed.

Coming next week: Simone Handbag Museum and Lotte World!

xx Nicole


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