…well, sort of!

One of the biggest names in Korean pop music history, BIGBANG, released teasers starting Nov. 18 hinting at the release of MADE – Full Album.

Now, MADE was a compilation of four EPs (one for each letter: M A D E, each of which contained two songs) that fully released in Aug. 2015. This compilation was unique because each song was released as a single with a music video. Altogether, the four EPs created the MADE series. The group’s tour shortly after all EPs were released was titled BIGBANG WORLD TOUR [MADE].

Well, that was not the last of MADE, apparently! The four mentioned EPs will be packaged with three brand new songs: “Fxxk It,” “Last Dance,” and “Girlfriend” to form a complete studio album. (Side note: LAST DANCE? I surely hope that is not hinting at what I think it’s hinting at…)

This year marks BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary as a k-pop group; they truly waited to the last few seconds of 2016 to celebrate with the full studio album of MADE.

MADE – Full Album was dropped on Dec. 12 at midnight KST. Check back soon for a full album review!

xx Nicole

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