#StorytimeSaturday Handbag Museum and Lotte World!

Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Storytime Saturday, so saddle up for this week’s edition!

Day 9

I woke up to a glaring light in the room from the sunrise, but luckily I felt well-rested and ready to start the day. I picked out my outfit, got my face snatched, and we took all of our baggage for the next destination. Today’s the day for Lotte World! But first, we went to the Simone Handbag Museum.



Unfortunately, I was under the impression that we’d leave our bags in a subway station locker before trekking to the museum…needless to say, we carried them all the way there. Also, our early-bird timing was far too early for the museum’s standards – seeing as we arrived an hour before they opened! Luckily, the museum has an attached cafe that was already open. We indulged in an Oreo parfait and some thick honey bread topped with whipped cream; in a word: YUM.






The museum was lovely and had a wide variety of handbags from vintage to modern. The bags were all kept behind glass and there was a strict no-photography policy (so sad!). I should also mention that this entire museum is shaped like a giant handbag.




SO cool, right? At the base level of the museum, a temporary Karl Lagerfeld exhibit was displayed. Pieces from the exhibit were priced to sell, but sista’s budget was not even near those price points. On one of the mid levels, there is a whole warehouse of fabric bolts, leathers, furs, and adornments – all the necessary pieces to make handbags. This was my favorite part of the museum because it felt like I was in the shoes of a designer. Check it out!


After the museum, we went to the station where Lotte World is located. We stored our baggage and entered the theme park. It was really cute! Lowkey a ripoff of Disney World by using a gloved raccoon couple as the park’s mascots and a castle that’s strikingly similar to Cinderella’s, but still very cute nonetheless!

We had spent quite a few hours going on rides wandering. After we got our fill at a burger joint and worked off the calories by running around the park, we went back into the Lotte Mall in search of dinner. Our options weren’t too good considering our buedget, so we decided to have convenience store fine dining instead! I had two onigiris, tea, and honey butter chips – sophisticated, no? When we got back to Suwon (SO LATE) we had some ramyun and crashed hard for the night.

We had so much fun at Lotte World, we totally spaced on taking photos together!

Coming next week: rail biking in the mountains of Chuncheon, dakgalbi,  Jade Garden, and Sokcho – stay tuned!

xx Nicole

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