Album Review: BIGBANG MADE

BIGBANG truly shocked their fans by re-releasing their four EPs M, A, D, and E from 2015 and repackaging the 8 tracks with 3 additional songs to create MADE – The Full Album. Get ready for a full blown review; sit back, spin that Spotify playlist, and relax as your sista lays it down.

This new album starts off immediately with the new tracks. Check out the full album playlist below!

“Fxxk It” is a self-explanatory song; the plot is about a boy toying with the idea of hooking up with a girl who’s different than the rest. While she’s unique and beautiful, he doesn’t want to mess anything up by going too fast. As the chorus goes, BIGBANG says “에라 모르겠다” (literally: “f**k it”) – you can get the idea of what the boy’s decision was.


As far as rhythm goes, the beat is fun with a total club vibe. BIGBANG seamlessly worked this song into the album as it fits the fun and upbeat tone that is carried throughout many other songs like “Sober,” “We Like 2 Party,” and “BANG BANG BANG.” The music video starts with the whole group of BIGBANG in sepia-tone with eccentric hairstyles sitting on the floor of a room and just hanging out. Scenes then cut to the idols walking in the street and messing around. Though the lyrics create a club scene featuring a boy and girl together, the music video mainly depicts the boys shooting the shit and having a wild boys night. Towards the end, the boys end up at a packed club where the crowd, BIGBANG included, raves to the bop.

“Last Dance” proves to be a serious ballad as the music video begins in black and white. The rest of the music video uses dim lighting and colored tints of yellow, blue , green, purple, and orange each overlaying a different member.  This slow and lonesome song is about a lost love from the point of view of the boyfriend. He mourns his ended relationship and the fact that growing old means the loss of relationships – both intimate and platonic.

Fans are nervous that the title “Last Dance,” along with the lyrics of the song, may suggest the disbanding of BIGBANG. However, it may just be the group’s farewell to their fans before the members start enlisting in the Korean military for two years. Since BIGBANG renewed their contract with YG Entertainment in 2015, it is unlikely that the group would disband only one year later.

“Girlfriend” is a smooth transition song leading up to “Let’s Not Fall In Love.” While that sounds ironic, it actually isn’t! “Girlfriend” is a laid-back jam that puts G-Dragon and T.O.P, (the group’s rappers) at the forefront rapping the verses while Taeyang and Daesung (the group’s power vocals) blast the listeners with a sweet chorus claiming “I have a girlfriend and I’m never lonely.” This song is aimed at a special girl who isn’t just a booty-call. As G-Dragon puts it, “She ain’t no side-chick mistress girlfriend.” If that’s not romance, what is?

As I said, this song leads up to “Let’s Not Fall In Love.” The title makes an impression that the track is a total rejection song. On the contrary, this song is about feeling so infatuated by a boyfriend-girlfriend romance, that saying “I love you” would lead to unnecessary relationship complications and heartbreak. They admit that they’re scared of making promises they can’t keep. Rather than focus on the long-term, BIGBANG suggests that it’s better to just be happy with the day-to-day. While they do not want to fall in love, they end the chorus with “하지만 이 말 만은 진심이야 그대 좋아해요” (“but I really mean it when I say I like you”). This song has been my favorite track off of the album since the MADE EPs were first released. To this day, it’s still my favorite from the full album!


Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 9.46.16 PM.pngNext is “Loser.” This song is an anthem for those who feel completely dejected and rejected from society. The music video shows each member’s transition from average to social rejected as they get mentally and physically tortured. This song does not necessarily serve as an aid to those experiencing bullying, abuse, or feelings of depression. However, it sent out the message that anyone is susceptible to feeling like a “loser” when life gets you down.

screen-shot-2015-05-02-at-12-06-48-pm-650x373“BAE BAE” is a…unique music video. Yet again, G-Dragon and T.O.P take over the first and second verses while the smooth course is covered by Taeyang and Daesung. “BAE BAE” is another love song that’s sent out with high energy and a bizarre music video. The verses make for a fun and steady beat to bop to while the chorus packs a punch and makes you want to sing out loud. The music video features bright colors, odd wardrobes, and suggestive themes: nothing too unfamiliar to the average BIGBANG/G-Dragon fan. Luckily in this song, every member of the group ends with a girl of their own as they all party in space together. Enough said.

Real talk: “BANG BANG BANG” is my least favorite track of the album. Upon first watching the music video and hearing the song, it wasn’t totally up my alley. It’s a very electric song that is good for firing up an audience  – no wonder this song was used at the beginning of the MADE concert series! Taeyang is first to appear in the music video with his flock of oiled-up shirtless men. Nothing new. “BANG BANG BANG” serves more as a song you get amped to than a song you belt-out to. The chorus uses loud sirens as group leader G-Dragon chants “bang bang bang.” While the song has grown on me since first hearing it, it’s still not my favorite.

“Sober,” on the other hand, is my jam – especially for workouts. This song is about not being able to stay sober with thoughts of a past love on the mind. Without this
person, the 5e2e0dc2a5f0cbea9244fa924e919cffbda2ae8e_hqwhole group is slowly going mad; this is evident from the scenes in the music video that cut back and forth between reality and hallucinations. Despite the serious subject matter, the song is very fun, catchy, and energizing.

As the mood shifts back to serious mode, “If You,” is next on the album. This song is a desperate plea from the point of view of a boy trying to win back his ex-girlfriend. The song opens with an acoustic guitar and T.O.P’s deep voice emitting the first line  “그녀가 떠나가요 나는 아무것도 할 수 없어요” (“She is leaving and I can’t do anything”). In the music video, all lyrics appear in the video written on note cards as a girl stumbles away from a boy in nothing but an oversized white button-down shirt. Both the girl and the boy reappear laying in the sand apart from each other. During the chorus, flashbacks of their relationship are shown at the beach. Scenes continue to fade between flashbacks and reality. Like in “Let’s Not Fall In Love,” there is no rapping on this track, so the singing talent of each member is able to shine. This makes for a truly heavenly song and qualifies “If You” for my second favorite from the MADE album.


Back to the fun zone. “Zutter”/”쩔어” is next on the album as a classic GD and T.O.P solo. This rapper duo has previously released numerous tracks and one full album together. They always serve up fun tracks with clever lines; this song is no exception. They use this track to flaunt their style and skills. Listen to this song when you want to drip with gangster vibes and feel 100% badass.

The last track ends with a party – “We Like 2 Party,” that is. As the title depicts, this song is an easy feel-good listen about living in the moment and partying while you’re still young. The music video is a compilation of candid footage of BIGBANG messing around and just having a kickass time, partially drunk, together as friends.


This album will not leave anyone disappointed. From ballad loving romantics, to energized pop maniacs, to straight rap thugs, this album’s got you covered. 10/10


Let me know how you guys liked this album review! Should I continue album reviews for future posts?

xx Nicole



All images © YG Entertainment and YouTube

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