#StorytimeSaturday Naksansa!

Day 12:

Morning! We woke up slowly and were just about ready to head out when our “host mom” (aka the mom of a boy who rented out his room to us on Airbnb) prepared a massive breakfast for us; fried eggs, seaweed soup, side dishes, two ripe tomatoes from her garden, and coffee were on the menu. She asked more questions about us and shared stories of her visit to America when she was younger. It was so nice of her!

Today we went to Naksansa to hike and see temples and Buddha statues along the way. It was beautiful!

Added bonus: we got free fresh rice cakes at a rice cake shack on our way up and down the mountain as well as free noodles for lunch! Honestly, we hoarded the rice cakes to the point where we almost felt sick from stuffing our stomachs.

He made a wish for us at the Buddha statue and we both made wishes by throwing coins into some ponds. My coin landed into the bowls, so my wishes will come true! Get ready for a ton of scenic photos:

I bought some “Buddha beads” for my brother before we left. On our way back to the apartment, the skies weren’t looking too good. Right when we were approaching our bus stop, it started to down-pour. We had no umbrella. We got off the bus and stood under the bus stop shelter until we moved to a convenience store awning. He asked the store owner if we could borrow their umbrella so we could go to the apartment, get our baggage, and return. They said no!! Our only option was to call our host mom and ask for help. After we called her, we realized we could’ve just called a taxi! Ahh! Our poor host mom came toddling to us with two umbrellas in hand. We felt so sorry, but also so grateful!! I couldn’t believe she would help us out like that.

We got our bags and left to get back to the station and take the long bus ride to Suwon. We ate our leftover chicken from the night prior and some snacks along the way.

When we got back home, we ate some spicy sausage hot pot from Mrs. Jeong and crashed for the night.

That’s all for this week’s Storytime Saturday! Tune in next week for Jeonju and Hanok Village!

xx Nicole

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