#StorytimeSaturday Jeonju and Hanok Village

Day 15:

We woke up on time and got ready to leave at the agreed upon time. However, Mrs. Jeong said we’d be late if we left at that time, so we had to hurry! (I didn’t even get to finish my makeup ahhh!) She drove us to the bus terminal, luckily, and we took our bus to Jeonju. When we arrived, we checked into our super cute guest house.

We walked around Hanok Village and went to rent some hanbok (traditional Korean garb). I wanted to dress in a pink frilly fusion hanbok, but I was a little hesitant because the workers were watching us like hawks. Instead, I had him pick out the color palette and did my best to find a top and bottom to compliment it. I wasn’t totally in love with my outfit, but now I know what to do next time! I had a white tulle chima (skirt) with flowers in different colors tacked around it. I matched the navy and gold trim with his outfit and a red/navy jeogori (upper garment/jacket). We paid a few thousand won to rent the hanbok for 1.5 hours.

First, we went to the art village for pictures. Unfortunately, the weather was crazy windy and the tripod wasn’t working well for some reason. Thus, we got a lot of blurry pictures and had to resort to taking pictures of each other. Also I should add that the weather was HOT to be in hanbok! Anyways, we had fun and looked (imo) really cute.

We booked it into a palace for more pictures and stopped by a famous cathedral, but we were running out of time, so we had to cut our visits short!


We returned out hanbok and went through Hanok Village for shopping and browsing and eating til the rain drew in. We ate choco brownie bingsu at Solbing and it was so sweet and rich I loved it.

Afterwards, we cruised around town to admire the town’s tranquil scenery. Here’s some gorgeous views from the rest of our afternoon:


For dinner, we went to Gilgeoriya for “baguette burgers”: a hollowed out baguette with burger ingredients sauces inside.

As a late night snack, we grabbed some Doritos to fix my salty cravings…except I missed the memo that all Korean cheese flavored snacks are sweet rather than salty! We ate them at Omokdong in a palace/rest area as it rained. The sun had set and the only light source we had was the soft glow of a street light. It was really peaceful and beautiful, but the mosquitos got me good.

Day 16:

We hit the streets fairly early in the morning, so not many shops were open. For breakfast, settled for white bean paste cream buns and yakult  – it was delicious! We traveled around the movie festival location and hopped in and out of some shops. We even made a little friend along the way – a puppy! He followed us around for a good stretch of a street and howled a few times; so stinkin’ cute!

I got to experience a traditional tea cafe and pour tea for the both of us. The cafe had a cute garden area that separated the two wings of seating areas. Check out the amazing decor and woodland-like architecture in the picture compilation below!



Before our bus departure time snuck up, we snagged some major snackage: dakgalbi with meatballs and naengmyeon, cheese hotteok, and hot grilled tteok with honey.



Hope you enjoyed! See you next time!

xx Nicole

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