#StorytimeSaturday Seoul Grand Park and Zoo


Day 19:

Today was a day fit for going to the park. I wanted to visit a large park in Seoul, so he picked Seoul Grand Park. This park has a zoo on its property! So, we spent the whole day at the zoo.


Upon our arrival, we passed dozens of ajumma food vendors and found 1500₩ ($1.50) hot dogs. Naturally, we got two and went to the ticket booth.

At the zoo, there’s a big tram that brings guests from the ticket gate to the zoo entrance as well as a (ski) lift that transports from the front of the zoo to the back of the zoo and vice versa. A ticket package includes the entrance fee, one tram ride, and one lift ride – this is the package we got.


We saw tons of animals that I didn’t even expect to see as well as instects!! Commence animal pic spam:

Luckily, we ran to the aquarium center just in time to catch the last Dolphin Encounters show – and I mean R A N. We ran nearly 400 meters in under 4 minutes…not knowing that they still let people in past the show’s starting time…Anyways, at least we got some cardio in! Fun fact: the graphic of a lighthouse to the left of the stage is actually a picture of Portland Head Light – a lighthouse in Portland, Maine. I didn’t even notice it until looking back at the pictures!

There was a huge two-story greenhouse filled with plants big and small separated by their appropriate climates. At the entrance of the greenhouse is where the “desert plants” are – aka all the cacti! And wouldn’t you know…we found two wild kittens playing in the plants! I tried to call them over, but they weren’t very interested in me and kept playing with each other. I was so close to smuggling one home…

The day was drawing to a close and we waited until we were ready to leave to take our ride on the lift. The view was beautiful.

We didn’t have lunch or dinner by the time we left the zoo, so we decided to eat near Suwon Station after commuting back. He chose a fried chicken restaurant, Ttong Ttong, where we ate a ton of fried chicken. It was so delicious that we finished everything we ordered: an order of saucy grilled chicken, an order of crunchy herb chicken with drizzled sauce on top (ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!), and two sodas.

In dire need of a brow filler, we perused the drug stores for some cosmetics. I scored a Memebox brow pencil and two beautiful rosey eye shadows: one matte, one glitter. For dessert, we moseyed back over to Suwon Station and had an original custard chou filled pastry from a Japanese owned dessert counter – delicious!

To close out the night, we swung by a convenience store and bought some chocolates to indulge in during some kdramas. We got two episodes in to I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려) and passed out.

Coming at you next time: Everland – Korea’s LARGEST theme park! You won’t want to miss it!

xx Nicole

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