#StorytimeSaturday Seoul Forest for Deer Feeding!

Day 21:

Upon breaking one of my new Memebox eyeshadows, we made Watsons our first stop to swap out for a new eyeshadow. We had everything prepared for an afternoon at Seoul Forest (서울숲). Well-aware that there are no food stands or restaurants in the forest, we had a luxurious GS 25 (convenience store) lunch which consisted of kimbap and maple puffs – delicious!

Finally, we made it to the entrance of the forest and walked around. Inside, we found an insect museum, a butterfly sanctuary, and an area to feed a whole field of deer!

We fed the deer and pet them a lot; it was so much fun! They were very hungry and greedy…relatable.

Once out of the forest, we quickly walked around the ever-photogenic Under Stand Avenue: a “mall” made up of a series of over 100 container box shops (shipping containers) that support local artists and vendors.



When we finished, we had dinner at Seoul Snacks where we ordered oven cheese ddeokbokki and Cajun fries (o m g).

After, we took the subway back to Suwon. We bought some pancake ingredients for the next morning and went out to a mall to exchange some faulty shorts I had previously bought at Wonder Place. Note to self: never try to exchange or return clothes without a receipt there ever again!




To make up for the hassle, we stopped for bingsu on the way back home; delicious as always!




See you next time for more shopping in Hongdae – Style Nanda, Mixxmix, and more!

xx Nicole

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