#StorytimeSaturday Toronto Trippin’!

Hey guys,

It feels like it’s been forever since my last post! Over spring break, I trekked to Toronto, Ontario to make more bomb-ass memories. Despite two cancelled flights from Boston to Toronto, I made it there with 3 full days of plans ahead of me. Unfortunately, the major Nor’easter caused my initial plans to be dropped by 1 day…leaving Niagra Falls out of the picture for this trip (tragic!)

For some reason, I had the brilliant idea to treat myself with a medium iced Dunkins with two flavor shots and sugar. Yeah, your girl got roughly 2 hours of sleep that night! With a lot of time to spare, I picked out a great breakfast spot for the next morning. When the sun finally rose, we got ready and headed out to deKEFIR: a kefir yogurt shop with plenty of healthy toppings to accompany frozen or plain kefir. I trusted the Yelp reviews and ordered mine with “crackle bits” – to die for!

We carried on to Chinatown, where we ordered pan fried and steamed dumplings.

While we perused Kensington Market to browse thrift shops, we made a pit stop for ice cream at a small sweets shop and gourmet popcorn from Toronto Popcorn Company. We had even more dessert at Millie Crepe where we ordered a nutella banana japanese-style crêpe.

Alright – cut the food spam. Time for some touristy bullshit! We headed to CN Tower and got through the ticket line super quickly with no problems. The weather couldn’t have been better! It was crystal clear at the observation deck. Aside from smudgy kid handprints on the windows, our pictures came out pretty sweet.

For dinner, we grabbed some traditional Korean food because why not utilize the Korea Town? I had soon dubu since I’ve been forever craving it after first trying it at NYC’s BCD Tofu House (who still reigns champ imo!). He had the spicy chicken hot pot, which was actually amazing!

We grabbed our luggage and moved on to the next location for the night. To our surprise, our airbnb hosts had a TV box that had very new movies to stream; we watched Moonlight as we prepared for our second day.



On day 2, we took a train into Union Station to start our day. I spotted a Chester Cheetah mascot and there turned out to be a promotional display for HOT CHEETOS! We got four free bags of hot Cheetos and they were B O M B. Not my idea of breakfast, so we only smashed one bag en route.



We walked from Union Station to the distillery district to brunch at Cacao 70 – an amazing chocolate restaurant that serves breakfast all day – a.k.a. my favorite type of restaurant! I ordered the Choco-nut Waffle: a waffle topped with ice cream, roasted hazelnut bits, whipped cream, and chocolate. On the side, I had bananas, melted chocolate, and strawberries. Hoon got a strawberry cheesecake crepe which included one crepe with cheesecake filling on top and a berry sauce drizzle with ice cream, chocolate, and berry sauce on the side. Both of our dishes were incredibly rich and delicious. This is a must-go to anyone visiting Toronto!

Next on the list was Kensington Market! We blew through it quickly to stay on track with the rest of our plans. Then, we shopped til we dropped at Eaton Centre. The bulk of my money went to GAP, Lush, and Uniqlo.

For more dessert, we went to Eva’s Original Chimney’s (look it up, I’m sure you’ve seen it all over Facebook and Instagram). We ordered Eva’s Dobos Torte and Team Coco. Essentially, they were soft serve ice cream in a donut-like cone with a buttercream barrier. Very tasty and aesthetically pleasing!



We went to Black Clothing Market to scout for quality thrift store finds; however, we walked out empty-handed. I really loved the shop, but there weren’t any pieces that vibed with either of us.



For an early dinner snack, we had authentic poutine at Poutini’s House of Poutine. A word to the wise: if you’re planning on ordering a traditoinal poutine in a size regular, just bite the bullet and go for a layered poutine. This way, your fries won’t be try at the bottom due to an extra layer of gravy and curds!

For actual dinner, we had Korean fried chicken at The Fry. Of course, it did not measure up anywhere near to my beloved Ttang Ttang Chicken…

We started our last full day together with a breakfast at Eggspectation after checking in at our last hotel. I ordered their High Rise Pancakes which included a full stack of buttermilk pancakes with sausage, bacon, and potatoes layered between and a fried egg placed on top. Paired with a pink fruit smoothie, my breakfast was to die for!

Next on the list was Ryerson Image Centre so I could view photography exhibits for an assignment I’ve been meaning to complete. While I didn’t have any high expectations, this gallery was stunning and the exhibits were very well done.

To continue on our day of exhibit-viewing, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum – Canada’s largest museum. I freaking loved this place. Though I was promised a hybrid of a science/art/history museum, it was definitely more artsy and historical than scientific. In any case, it was lit. Still, nothing makes me happier than spending hours aimlessly strolling through a good museum. Be prepared for major picspam:

After the museum, we waited in the cold outside of the famous Sansotei Ramen. Though our order got mixed up with another table, we demolished our bowls and side of gyudon. I had the miso black while Hoon had the tonkotsu black. The ramen broth was incredibly flavorful – definitely the best ramen I’ve ever had.

Not ready to go back to our hotel, we killed time at Eaton Centre and partook in some fine window shopping.

The following day was our last morning together; we ate a small breakfast at a nearby café and made our way to Billy Bishop Airport.

This is where this journey ends, so stay tuned for the next one coming in May!

xx Nicole



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