Current Obsessions: March 2017

Hi guys,

I felt the need to share some of my latest obsessions that swept me off my feet in March – enjoy!


  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
    • This kdrama is packed with humor and hunks – truly a great watch for laid back nights!Strong-Woman-Do-Bong-Soon


  • Hwarang
    • While I have to be wide awake in order to consciously watch this kdrama, the casting and plot is A+! Gotta love a great historical drama with comedy and romance, even if it makes me sleepy af…
  • Edge of Seventeen
    • Discovered through a recommended YouTube video of the entire freaking movie, this 2016 coming-of-age comedy was honestly fire. Of course it was awkward at moments, but that’s expected when the main character is a hopelessly awkward 17 year old girl trying to make it through high school! Totally great for a Friday night flick.



  • ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in AmazeThis cream shimmer shadow is giving me summer vibes and I’ve already hit pan! Layer this shadow underneath a pressed/loose shimmer to give it an extra punch or on its own as a highlight for your inner corner or lid and you’ll be a knockout for sure
  • NEOGEN Real Fresh Green Tea Cleanser
    • I mentioned this product in my last skincare post, but I think my improved complexion is thanks to using this product every night. I’ve used green tea scrub masks in the past (steeped green tea leaves + honey + rice flour) and I always had great results. This foaming cleanser leaves me with similar results without the exfoliating factor… or the mess! It can be found online, but also at select Sephoras for the same price ($19 without shipping)


  • “Pizza” – OOHYO
    • Y’all….this song came out mid-March but it’s been on replay for me ever since. Oohyo can do no wrong with her beautiful voice that always seems to put me in a trance. For those totally against listening to k-pop, this one’s for you as it’s all in English. So, there. No excuses.
  • “I Feel It Coming” – The Weeknd
    • As ashamed as it feels to enjoy a Top 40 track, this song is fire. I can’t find the full radio version online, but whatever version is all over YouTube is great as well!
  • “Even If I Die, It’s You”/”죽어도 너야” –  V & Jin of BTS, Hwarang OST
    • No T, no shade, but I only started watching Hwarang because of this song. As Jin-biased trash, I fell for the song as well as the fact that V is a recurring character in HwarangThis song is sweet as it is killer. You can definitely catch me going off to this track in the parking lot on campus.
  • “Rollin'” – Brave Girls
    • For my club hoes, this is a listen for you! Brave Girls always know how to turn it out; I was a huge fan of their “Deepened” track and the hot dance that went with it, so I’m obviously way into this high energy track and choreography as well.


  • Gyudon
    • Wow ever since I had a fresh bowl of gyudon (thinly sliced marinated pork over rice) in Toronto I’ve been itching for some more. Hopefully I can get my hands on some authentic gyudon in Boston ASAP! SO. STINKING. GOOD.


  • Adidas/Pharell Williams T-shirt DressYou know when you buy a new piece of clothing and you never take it off except to wash it? Yeah, that’s this item currently


  • Fort Lauderdale Beach
    • Of course, my end-of-the-month trip to Miami, Florida was a big favorite! Our last day was spent at Fort Lauderdale Beach and…I could stay there forever.

xx Nicole

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