Netflick to Catch: Tales from the Darkside

Hey sistas!

I’m in the “home stretch” (as literally everyone has been saying) in my last month of classes before graduation. Since this month has gotten me in such a school-focused grind, I haven’t had much creative time on my hands.

However, I’ve still been getting my kicks via Netflix and Kiss Asian from time to time when I’ve delegated too much time on assignments.

Recently, I watched Tales from the Darkside: The Movie on a whim with my friends. In the “Recommended for you” section, this R-rated 90’s horror flick was right up my alley. I mean, look at the cover of it:


The all-star cast includes Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi, Matthew Lawrence, Julianne Moore, and more. I mean, come on. Steve Buscemi! Clearly that’s all the convincing I needed.

The main plot finds a kidnapped paper boy locked up in a woman’s home as she prepares to cook and eat him. To stall her, he tells three horror stories – one of which is based off of a Stephen King short story. Some have compared this movie to a third rendition of Stephen King’s anthology films Creepshow and Creepshow 2.

Tales From the Darkside 004

In short, this movie has a quality cast, dark humor, gore, and Grade A campy special effects makeup. The ending of the third story is hilariously nasty and honestly the best part of the entire film. You have to see this twisted ending!

Now all I gotta do is find the TV show Tales from the Darkside that this movie was based off of!

Happy watching,

xx Nicole

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