Walk Thoughts

The biggest perk of living in a rural area is the calm winding roads around my home that are extremely quiet during business hours. Lately, I’ve been utilizing my new found free time and taking walks around my neighborhood.

No music, no phone – just the chittering of woodland animals and the soft breathing of the forest with every occasional breeze. I’ve taken advantage of times like these to do some thinking. Big picture thinking. Come along with me as I walk you through my stream of consciousness.

ALRIGHT. So, college is done and I guess I can no longer avoid categorizing myself as an “adult.” At 18 and even 21 yearsold, I wasn’t able to see myself in that light; just the thought of stripping myself from the labels of “child,” “youth,” and “adolescent” struck me with terror. Me? Responsible for my own actions? Taking on the Adult World™? Hah, good one.

While dozens of people surround me constantly awaiting my next move as I leave behind my life as a student and delve into the “workforce” (whatever that means)…I can’t help but feel myself standing next to them and also wondering “What will she do next?” Honestly, who knows! Not me! Not today, at least. Should I have a sort of 12-step plan that stretches from now to 10 years in the future of every move I must make? I mean I probably have a few plans like that drawn up from my Gen Ed classes, but they’re not realistic. They’re fantasy.

Well, what do I want? I’ve always danced around the thought of being a traveling freelance stylist. Then, it evolved into being a freelance stylist and also a fashion journalist. Ideally, performing both jobs for the same big-city-based company.

What else do I want? I want to throw myself back into the heart of Korea and teach English to grade school kids. Can I even interact with kids though? I mean, I’ve never had a younger sibling and I’ve played with my younger cousins at extended family gatherings…but like a whole class? All expecting me to teach them something? Not to mention I’ll be living on my own possibly for the first time. In another country. I could do journalism on the side if I’m in contact with a company from the US. If I’m fluent in Korean, that could open up fashion job opportunities there.

I like dancing, I like baking, and I need to continue working out no matter where I go. If I live in an apartment in a city I can’t do jumping workouts or dancing in my apartment. Gym. Gym memberships cost money. Outdoors? Well, people will watch. Do I care? Maybe not if I’m completely desensitized like every city-dweller seems to be after they’ve lived there long enough.

If I live in Korea, I need to buy an oven. Small oven. Ingredients for baking may be hard to come by, but I can manage if I stock up at large grocery stores.

Wherever I go, I’ve got to establish a group of friends. Work friends, neighbor friends, dance friends? something like that.

Could I make a living off of social media? A lot of people do that these days, it must not be terribly hard. Live in a city, have a nice camera, decent editing skills, build up traction and land sponsors. Pretty simple, could be a fall-back or start as something on the side – definitely not counting that out.

Okay, so what don’t I want? I don’t want to stay here. Not for too long, at least. I’m not about to overstay my welcome at home after graduating from college. I don’t want a desk job where I’m tied to a single location for 40 hours per week with minimal freedom. I don’t want to be tied to any single location, for that matter. For a year or so at a time is fine, but not for forever. I don’t want a house. No, I don’t. I know rent “goes nowhere” but I’d be going nowhere if I tied myself to a house and its mortgage.

Where do I want to be 5 years from now? I’ll be 27. Do I want to be living in a city by then? Okay, too far out. Where do I want to be 3 years from now? Definitely in a big city. Baking for fun, kickass job that allows travel, fluent in at least one other language, and dank money.

/end stream of consciousness

There you have it, a look into how I’m currently processing my future plans. Whether this satisfied your desire to know how I’ll transition into Adult World™ or not, I hope you enjoyed.

Coming up, Netflicks to Catch – a compilation of a TON of Netflix shows and movies I’ve seen recently! Stay tuned, as always.

xx Nicole



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