Netflick to Catch: Spring haul!

Hey sistas,

So, it’s no secret that your girl has been glued to Netflix for the past month ever since school let up. May has been a great month for Netflix, so let me give you a rundown of the latest and greatest shows/movies to catch while they’re still available:


Dear White People: Season 1giphy

This Netflix Original series was based off of a movie of the same name (which I have yet to see). If the movie is anything like this series was, then I need to see it ASAP. I was completely hooked on this show from the very first episode. The 30-minute episodes were not nearly long enough for me as I was always craving more. Season 2 better come quick!

Master of None: Season 2


I was a huge fan of Master of None season 1 with Aziz Ansari’s A+ millennial humor paired with real-world, relevant topics. Season 2 delivered in a very different – more theatrical – manner, and it was equally as great. Definitely worth a binge!



This 2014 independent film based on the hidden legend of clowns (or clöynes) was hands down the most impressive horror/thriller I have seen in a very long time. The special effects makeup was glorious and would make anyone afraid of clowns. There’s really nothing more to say other than this movie is insanely great.


The Great British Baking Show

Recommended by my sister, this series has me hooked. Two seasons down, I’m currently watching the third season as I write this. I often watch baking videos on YouTube, but this show is beyond better than any baking video binge I’ve had. Each episode is an hour long, the bakes are incredibly inspiring, and Mary Berry is a gift from God. Even if you’re not a baker, you’ll love this show. Did I mention it’s British?

13 Reasons Why

Jk I hated it. (And yes I did watch every episode).

So for now, that’s it! Stay tuned for more posts soon!

xx Nicole

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