#StorytimeSaturday Blueberry Picking

Hey guys!

As I transfer content to my new laptop, photos from recent trips are stored away for the time being. So, for now, sit back and follow my spontaneous blueberry picking adventure!


Growing up in rural New Hampshire, it was wild for me to find out that not everyone in the world goes to orchards every year to pick their own berries or apples! For those who have not tasted a freshly picked berry…you’re definitely missing out. Apples, on the other hand…yeah those pretty much taste the same (but apple picking is easier, so)

This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of going to Apple Hill Farm three times to pick strawberries and blueberries; this orchard also offers pick-your-own raspberries, peaches and apples! I took it upon myself to go on a spur of the moment blueberry picking party by myself and honestly? 10/10 would recommend.

As blueberry season comes to a close, a lot of bushes were picked over – few berries remained on the first several rows of the patch. Bonus: the over ripened berries attracted a ton of bees! However, they were mostly yellow jackets and not bumbles. In any case, a weekday afternoon surprisingly does not draw a large crowd to local orchards;  it was truly just me and the bees (I tried to get pictures of the bees but they were too fast also yellow jackets are scary af) Something about the fresh air and clear skies paired with the sounds of leaves in the wind and the low humming of bees was insanely therapeutic

I’m not sure exactly what sparked this mild blueberry obsession I currently have…like is it just me or are blueberries (esp the tiny wild ones) actually the cutest berries ever? Also, eating them is half the fun of picking them!

PSA I’m definitely going to get a tattoo of wild blueberries…at some point…so look out for that in the future

Til next time!

xx Nicole

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