Hello? Hi, I’d like to speak to autumn, please.

Um hi yeah is it fall yet? The New England weather has been down, up, and just plain all over the place, but if I haven’t made it clear already I’m! Ready! For! Fall!

I know it’s too soon to do some fall favorites…also I haven’t been exposed to too many exciting things in recent months due to my Adult JobTM…so how about a collection of thoughts and faves? Good? Good.

For starters, I just want to say thank you so much not only to God but [also] to Jesus for Dunkin Donuts Maple Pecan iced coffee. It’s really helping these random hot and humid days feel less horrible.

NEXT, my apologies for neglecting to blog since all of my time outside of work has been devoted to watching Mr. Kate’s OMG: We Bought a House/OMG: We’re Coming Over series on YouTube. Ever since Mr. Kate collabed with Liza Koshy, I was reeled back into this phenomenal channel.Imagine Fixer Upper if Chip and Jo were young, trendy, and lived in LA. Thanks to this new-found interior decorating obsession, I have successfully revived my Pinterest account and am planning thoroughly for my nonexistent studio apartment overlooking the cityscape.

Also, I may or may not have totally binged 100 Million Yen Women – a Japanese Netflix original suspense/drama series about a male novelist who suddenly acquires several female roomates who were sent invitations from an unknown source and instructed to  pay $1 million Yen each month for rent. Additionally, strict rules are set regarding their interactions with the novelist and how much he is able to know about these mysterious women. It’s fire, just watch it.

Okay, back to the season that matters most. I’m still not satisfied with my room’s lack of fall décor, so the hunt is still on. In the meantime, I scored white/gold porcelain pumpkins and a fuzzy sunflower blanket at the Christmas Tree Shop (as well as a cute glass skull shot glass bc halloween) Then again, I gotta pull back the reigns since I can’t possibly bring every cute seasonal decoration with me when I move out RIP!!!

Look forward to a final (mini) fall haul once my interior decorating cravings have been satisfied (for now)!!

If you’ve read this far and have not seen the new IT movie, please go see it what’swrongwITHYOU! Anyways, til next time!

xx Nicole


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