December Catch-Up!

Whew! Full time work life is no joke, kids.

Yes, it appears that with my 40-hour work schedule, daily workouts, and 20-hour weekly class schedule…I have neglected this blog. Argh! WELL, enough about my sob story. Let’s catch each other up to speed!

What’s happened in the last few months? What’s the hip happening?

  • Netflix dropped all of Season 4 of The Great British Baking Show…and I already watched it all
  • Multiple trailers have aired for Black Mirror (Netflix) Season 4…but still no release date HMM!
  • Lady Gaga got her groove back
  • 98° dropped a 2017 Christmas album and it’s actually fire
  • K-pop group BTS has taken over America (well, as far as daytime/late night TV goes!)
  • BTS fanbase ARMY – specifically Americans – are still cringey as heck (sorry not sorry YIKES!)
  • I bought tickets to Korea for next February!
  • My twitter slowly became a BTS stan account @numkah lmaoooo

Favorite songs at the moment:

  • Want You To Say – Playback
  • Likey – TWICE
  • Home is Far Away – Epik High feat. Oh Hyuk
  • Some – Bolbbalgan4
  • Where Are You? – CLC
  • Save Me – BTS
  • Tomorrow, Today – JJ Project
  • Season of Love – 98° (y’all thought I was playin?)


  • Temperature of Love (kdrama – melo, but about cooking and CUTE leads)
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (full review here – rewatching for first time!)
  • Jenna + Julien Podcast (chill podcast, usually trivia/storytimes/roulettes)
  • Views Podcast with David Dobrik and Jason Nash (hilarious teen boy humor but nsfw)
  • Trisha Paytas YouTube (mukbangs and lifestyle – get on her level)
  • David Dobrik Vlogs (honestly I have the taste of a teenage boy)


While I can’t make any promises on constant blog updates until after my online class ends…I’ll try my best!

Stay tuned for a near-future post on selling my clothes!


xx Nicole

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