Drama Binge: Go Back Couple

Picture this:

A miserable 38-year-old married couple (with a baby, nonetheless) gets divorced. They wish they could go back in time and date other people. When they wake up the next day, they are both 20-year-old college students in 1999. Knowing their miserable fate, how will they choose to live out their youth when given a second chance?

go back2

THIS is the premise of Go Back Couple/Confession Couple (고백부부). Though I was unfamiliar with most of the drama’s cast, I gave it a shot and was immediately hooked. Fans of melodramas and comedies, this one’s for you! By far, this drama made me cry the most of all of the dramas I’ve seen…and that’s a lot. I was rooting for so many different outcomes, I didn’t even know how I really wanted the drama to end until it was practically over! The soundtrack to this drama is also great – fans of Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, The Time We Were Not In Love, and most recently This is My First Life should recognize the talents of band Every Single Day (one of my favorites for OST songs).

go back 3
(literally how I looked watching the second half???)

At 12 episodes, this drama goes by in a flash. However, it certainly makes a lasting impression! To avoid spoiling any more, I’ll leave it at that. Go Back Couple is available on Viki.com, Kissasian.com, and other streaming sites; get to bingeing!!

(In the meantime, I binged all of Temperature of Love WHICH WAS AMAZING but…honestly I loved Go Back Couple even more! IT’S THAT GOOD. Trust.)


xx Nicole

One thought on “Drama Binge: Go Back Couple

  1. hehe i’ll leave it at that ! hehe everyone get ready to watch one of the craziest k-drama we’ve ever watched !
    time to let you watch ! guys!


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