Current Obsessions: March + April 2018



WOW. So, May is tomorrow and….here I am with my March and April favorites! Since I’ve been crunched on time to blog, I’ve also been crunched on time to find new obsessions. So, I took some time to cultivate more favorites to share with you guys by combining these past couple months – enjoy!


  • Angels on Bare Skin – Lush
    • After staring at my sample of this gentle exfoliant for months I finally got around to using this product as an alternative to my usual abrasive facial exfoliants and – surprise! – I instantly loved it. The lavender buds and crushed almonds make for a really relaxing and soothing cleanser when your skin is especially rough or inflamed.
  • Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb – Lush
    • Lemon is one of my favorite scents because it makes me feel fresh and clean – so it’s no wonder why I gravitate towards lemon scented bath bombs. This baby bath bomb by Lush is my favorite so far!
  • Deep Detox body wash – Method
    • Another favorite fresh scent of mine is cucumber. When I saw Method’s new line of body washes (and their pleasing minimalist packaging) I nabbed the Deep Detox which has cucumber, seaweed, and green tea in the ingredients. The smell alone is enough to propel your mind into full spa-mode. Instant favorite!


  • Amrezy highlighter – ABH
    • Okay this beautiful highlighter suckered me in with its sand-dune shape and stellar champagne glow. I’ve worn it every day since purchasing it and it doesn’t even look like I’ve made a dent!
  • Orgasm blush – Nars
    • Finally, I can say that I have tried the Nars blush in Orgasm and (oh, shocker) it’s very beautiful and I like it. Pretty much every beauty YouTuber raves about this blush, so for more detail feel free to watch any of the 100s of videos dedicated to reviewing this blush. The end.
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Per-Suede (179)
    • AT LONG LAST, my search for a muted orange/terracotta nail polish has come to an end. I’m absolutely in love with this shade and formula!
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Royal Hue (469)
    • Since a nail polish sale was in session, I grabbed some colors outside of my normal range. After trying on a dress this exact color and loving it against my complexion, I wanted to try it out in nail polish form. This formula wears so well and really takes a hit before chipping – even without a top coat. Impressed.
  • Aquafina Lip Balm (lmao)
    • Okay I definitely got this lip balm as a joke but it’s honestly formulated really well and I reach for it every night before going to bed to hydrate my dry, chapped lips! Well done, Aquafina.

M I S C.


  • Tobio Kageyama Nendoroid
    • Okay I bought this for myself as a birthday present and BOY I am not even slightly disappointed! Kageyama is my favorite character from Haikyuu and his figure is so chubby and comes with a million arms/legs/expressions to swap out. He’s living happily on my night stand.
  • Suga Stickers
    • I’m weak and still stanning Suga (BTS), so there’s that. I need to find the perfect places for these stickers…still deciding!
  • BTS Hoodie
    • Once I’m fully committed to being in a particular fandom, I feel the need to show others my acceptance into the fandom through tasteful fashion choices…whether it’s a subtle t-shirt/sweatshirt, small button/pin, etc. This way, those outside of the fandom can’t doxx me for being an embarrassing piece of shit 🙂


  • Nintendo Switch + Breath of the Wild
    • Need I say more?
  • Whimsically Volatile Podcast
    • This podcast is hosted by former RPDR contestant Katya Zamolodchikova and is HILARIOUS. Topics are usually NSFW and can lead down a rabbit hole stream of consciousness. Great to pass the time during my morning routine!
  • Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast
    • If you haven’t watched my endless Instagram/Snapchat (@numkah) stories featuring this show, then you must not be aware that I am fully obsessed with this program. Former/Current K-Idol Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sangsoon live on Jeju Island in a big house that they use as a b&b in summer and winter. This show follows them (and their abundance of pets) in their struggle to run this b&b. One of their cats is obese. Just watch it.
  • Hello, My Twenties – Season 2
    • Season 1 of Hello, My Twenties (Age of Youth, 청춘시대) was one of my favorite dramas. Who doesn’t love a group of girls being friends? Season 2 is on Netflix, so here I am already on the very last episode. While the cast change and plot threw me for a loop, I can’t deny that I enjoyed season 2!



Please be patient with my sporadic posting – I’m aiming towards a more regular schedule for blog updates! 🙂 What were your favorites of spring 2018 so far? Let me know!

xx Nicole

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