BTS – Love Yourself: Tear

Yesterday was #FakeLoveFriday and tomorrow is the BBMAs. You know what this means, right? Okay, I guess you wouldn’t know if you didn’t completely stan BTS. (Refer to this post before continuing so I can cut the boring intro to this godly group).

Let me cut in right here to drop some dank visuals it’s necessary:

The latest album Love Yourself: Tear is the continuation to the Love Yourself saga that began in 2017 with Love Yourself: Her. While the previous album focused on the amazing joy and purity of love, this album takes a turn to focus on the dark side of love. This is evident from the get-go with the first single and music video off of this album: “Fake Love.” (I’m going to assume if you haven’t already watched that you clicked the link. If you’re still reading this and haven’t watched the MV….I’ll wait.)

As soon as this MV dropped, the fan theories flooded in; one in particular that got a lot of Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 1.40.21 PMrecognition was from Twitter user @ilsansqueen who created a thread based around the idea that “FAKE LOVE is their moment of realization that the love they’ve received was not real. Giving us the theory of the other side of love; pain, disappointment, and unrealness.” The user covered each member’s representation in the MV as well as each of their “fake loves” and “real loves.” Give it a read here.

The first song on Love Yourself:Tear is a solo from V titled “Singularity.” Prior to the album’s release, this song was debuted online as a music video – a stunning one at that. V’s smooth low voice in ballad form delivers a sultry yet solemn vibe: a great starting point for the journey that this album takes the listener.

From somber ballads to high intense club thumping beats to trap and everything in between, this album is a full on T R I P. My personal favorites include “The Truth Untold”/”전하지 못한 진심” featuring Steve Aoki, “Anpanman,” and “So What” aside from “Fake Love,” of course! If this is still considered an album review anymore…10/10.

Give the album a listen and let me know what you think! Get ready for tomorrow because BTS will light up the Billboard Music Awards stage with the world premiere of “Fake Love.”

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Look out for them on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, May 25!

xx Nicole

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