Rewind – I live in Korea now?

Hey guys!

This post has been… well, “long awaited” would be quite the understatement. Okay, let’s start from the top.

So, what did you miss? A summer full of doubt as to whether or not I would receive a placement to work as an English teacher in South Korea and a temporary limbo of unemployment after I quit my full-time retail job because I was certain (but had absolutely no confirmation) of my eventual placement for the Fall 2018 intake date.

Oh right, did I mention that this unconfirmed placement would require me to leave for Korea only a few days after my sister’s wedding? Of which, I’m the Maid of Honor?

Okay, okay, TL;DR = I got the placement and was a-ok to book my ONE-WAY ticket to Korea!

So, what’s next? Over the previous months leading up to this point, I had been purging my room and wardrobe in anticipation of moving across the world with only a couple suitcases. At this point, there wasn’t much prep-work left to do (which was exactly what I planned on!).

Fast forward – I arrive in Korea, spend a couple days in Suwon to unwind before making the trek to Busan where I would spend 9 days at an orientation for all Guest English Teachers (GETs) who applied through EPIK (English Programs In Korea) and got placed in the southern half of the country.

Oh, right. I probably didn’t mention that despite choosing Seoul as my preferred placement, I got Gyeongnam. I’ll save you the Google search. Seoul is in the upper left of the country, while Gyeongnam is the southernmost tip to the left of Busan. Basically? I’m 4-5 hours from Seoul at best. Don’t get me wrong, I know “it’s better than being on the other side of the world.” I kind of wish people would stop reminding me. I know I’ve been in an LDR for practically 7 years, but distance is distance and damnit if I want to be in the same zip code as my S/O is that so much to ask for!!

I digress. Well, here I am already ONE MONTH into the Fall 2018 semester! I live in a one room apartment in the city of Jinju in the province Gyeongnam in South Korea. Now, I promise more posts are soon to come and will be chock full of storytimes, Netflicks To Catch, and new themes!

Got any questions? Let me know in the comments!

xx Nicole

P.S. I can only use WordPress on my phone for an odd reason, so a domain change may be in my future! Stay updated over at my Instagram @thewonderground ♡

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